Animation and VFX highlights from my work as a writer and creative director.

    Dark Deception Intro

    Creative Director

    Oh, the delightful nightmares I had dreaming up all the creepy scenes in this animated game intro cinematic. More info...

    Stop. Watch. Love.

    Writer | Animation Director

    Wrote this acclaimed short film created with a mixture of practical miniatures and animation. More info...

    Christmas With The Family

    Creative Director

    Directing this spot for IFC/AMC Networks was a hoot! Christmas + Mobster Movies = A Full Heart. More info...

    Pandammit Moments

    Writer | Creative Director

    The lighter side of work from home. Wrote and directed this fully animated short in the zoomified pandemic era. More info...


    Writer | Creative Director

    Bringing Skippy The Pet Rock to life for the popular Zynga IP was more jollification than any human should have. More info...

    Hellboy: Pancakes

    Creative Director

    A stylized animated short film based off the Hellboy "Pancakes" comic. More info...

    8-Bit Goldbergs


    Want to see oodles of faithfully recreated Apple IIc game animations on prime-time TV? Glad you asked! More info...


    Creative Director

    Who knew prehistoric hijinks would be so much fun to direct! Rock on little cave dude. More info...


    Creative Director

    A bulldog in bunny slippers. A beagle and cat pharmacist. A hound mailman. Nuff said. More info...

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