Samples of my writing and creative direction work in games.

  • I'm Not Okay


    Narrative analysis of the game Still There published on gamesindustry.biz. Read the article HERE.


    Where Nobody Knows Your Name


    A short cinematic script set in the universe of the Fable game series. Read it HERE.

    Staying Alive


    Iron Man (Avengers), Wheatley (Portal 2), and Parvati (The Outer Worlds) get trapped in an elevator with... disco music? Read the short cinematic script HERE.

    Wreck On The Highway

    Writer | Narrative Designer

    A Twine game about human mortality and weighing the value of our own lives against that of strangers. The game is customized to each player with multiple endings. You can play it HERE.

    The Purge: AR

    Game Designer

    If there was ever a killer app for Augmented Reality, it would be a simulation to test your home's ability to withstand an assault of homicidal maniacs, amirite??? See it HERE.

    Wizardly Washouts

    Writer | Game Designer

    History is filled with tales of elite wizards. This is not a game about them. This is a tabletop board game of magical ineptitude for 2-4 people. Play it online HERE.

    The Ballad Of Gorky

    Writer | Narrative Designer

    A sci-fi adventure set in the "Still There" universe. Play the first two parts of the early access Twine game HERE.

    Chili's Stadium

    Creative Director

    A multi-player cross-platform mobile game to promote the 2018 World Cup partnership with the Chili's Restaurant chain. Check out the augmented reality soccer action HERE.

    The Wailing Lady

    Writer | Narrative Designer

    Created for Inkle's Pendragon Contest, a Ink Script game set in the fantasy world of King Arthur. Play it HERE.

    Forensic Detective

    Creative Director

    A whodunit iOS game with a high-tech augmented reality twist. Details and links to the game can be found HERE.

    Make Mars Home

    Creative Director

    Browser-based Virtual Reality games supporting National Geographic's Mars TV show. A rundown of the boundary pushing project can be found HERE.

    Game Bark Samples


    Collection of sample of game barks I've written covering various NPC states and genres. Check them out HERE.

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