Stop. Watch. Love.


The Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP), one of the largest organizations representing commercial film/video/animation work, asked us to design the sponsor reel for the Southwest division's yearly show. Past incarnations of the reel from other studios usually involved abstract, more conceptual designs with the absence of any real narrative. My goal was to push the narrative envelope and tell an innovative short story that broke the mold of previous entries. The result was Stop. Watch. Love., an original short film made up of both live action miniatures and CG animation.


With the live action component being directed by my co-worker Brad Herbert, I was tasked with the responsibility of story, animation director, and Executive Producer duties. It was written, story-boarded, shot, modeled, textured, rigged, animated, and composited entirely by our Element X staff in only 4 weeks.

In addition to being a huge hit at the AICP show, the film was entered into the in the Your Film Festival, sponsored by YouTube and Ridley Scott. The work was selected as one of the 50 finalists from 15,000 entries around the world. It continues to receive praise from industry peers and critics around the globe for being a heartwarming story that can be appreciated without the constraints of a language barrier. Below is a sample of media praise for the work.


  • Writing
  • Animation Director