Now that I've hit you square in the noggin with that wisdom nugget, keep scrolling for the good stuff.


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    Hola! It is me, Chad Briggs! Time to get personal is it? I'm stoked you have arrived at my corner of the interwebs, hopefully to see some sweet, peeper pleasuring samples of my professional work. That little blurb above, placed so carefully over footage from the greatest movie of all time, wasn't just a random deep thought. As the adopted son of a small-town factory worker and beautician, that quote has grounded and guided me in everything I've ever done. It has also made me a firm believer in giving back to one's community, which I labor to do via teaching college classes, guest lecturing at local high schools, and staying involved as co-founder of the non-profit, A Bunch Of Short Guys.

  • I'm passionate (and a little nutty) about story and always looking for ways to tell a better one. For every interesting new character arc I've come up with, I'm also thinking of more efficient ways that the developers, animators, or film crews could bring it to life. Having this in-depth understanding of the many creative and technical disciplines has been a huge asset in earning the trust of those alongside me in the trenches.


    Someday I hope to tell you more, filling this website with profound, pithy tidbits about my life and times. I will take you on a magical journey where you will approximately* portion your time engaging in the following activities:

    • Feeling ALL the feels! (37%)
    • Uncontrollable chortling. (32%)
    • Trying to comprehend how pitch perfect The Watchmen and Preacher TV adaptations were. (6%)
    • Crying (stoically, mind you) while playing the first Last Of Us. (7.5%)
    • Agreeing with my mother that I should have gone to law school. (7.5%)
    • Marveling how I averaged 160 hours per Fallout game. (5.5%)
    • Hungering for a burrito. (2.5%)
    • Being daunted that despite being almost 500 gigs, my RetroPie collection will NEVER be complete. (1%)
    • Waxing nostalgic over classic LucasArts and Sierra On-Line adventure games. (1%)

    *(Okay, look, I'm not going to lie. The percentages and activities above are going to fluctuate WILDLY from day to day.)

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    This guy says he'll name his horse after me!

    For now, you'll have to settle for this site giving you unfettered access to samples of my work as a screenwriter, narrative designer, and creative director. All these things are but a tiny swipe/mouse scroll away!

    Do you find yourself with an insatiable curiosity that reaches beyond the lore of these pages? Then mosey on over to the cleverly named CONTACT section and drop me a line!


    Want to catch up on my more public social media ramblings? Got you covered there as well. Twitter and LinkedIn accounts provided below. I look forward to your biting scrutiny and harsh judgement, my dear rando internet stranger!


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    Here be my nerdy twitter babble on the many diverse mediums of storytelling and pop culture.

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    LinkedIn is the web equivalent of me wearing a suit: I rarely do it, but it is a necessary evil for career advancement, weddings, and funerals.