Dark Deception Intro

Glowstick Entertainment

· animation,games,3d,horror,intro

The fine folks over at Glowstick Entertainment approached us about crafting a franchise-defining intro for their hit first person maze-action horror game Dark Deception. Never one to pass up an opportunity to work with things that go bump in the night, I jumped in head first. 

I worked directly with the creator of the game to identify key character traits and major story beats in the episodic game. From there, we settled on a "rouges gallery" approach to the intro, giving each of the main villains an abstract representation of their role in the game. Careful consideration was given not to show too much, keeping them creepy and hidden, as not to reveal spoilers for those who were just starting the game. The end result was a haunting, nightmarish dreamscape of evil creatures in unsettling environments that set the tone of the game in spades. 

All that being said, the moment you truly know you know you are in good creative company when you have extended discussions about the nuances of how human skulls need to be scattered about the floor. 


  • Creative Director