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  • Found


    FOUND is an award-winning feature length screenplay. A troubled American soldier searches for a missing bomber crew while navigating the hostile cultural tensions of post-World War Two Japan. Found has currently been awarded the following honors:

    • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences- Nicholl Fellowship Screenwriting Contest - Top 10% (Of 8000 entries)
    • Coverfly Historical Red List Select
    • Big Bear Film Summit 2020 - Winner - Best Feature Screenplay (Drama)
    • 2021 Golden Script Competition - Finalist / 2021 Golden List Feature Award
    • Creative World Awards International 2020 - Finalist
    • Filmmatic Drama Screenplay Awards 5th - Semifinalist
    • Final Draft - Big Break 2020 - Quarterfinalist
    • ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship 2020 -Quarterfinalist
    • 2020 Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition - Quarterfinalist
    • 2020 Page Awards international Screenwriting Contest - Quarterfinalist
    • PAGE Awards - PAGE International Screenwriting Awards Competition 2020 - Quarterfinalist
    • Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition 2020 - Quarterfinalist
    • Table Read My Screenplay Genre Screenplay Competition 2021 - Top 100
    • Script2Comic Contest 2020 - Quarterfinalist
    • StoryPros Awards 2020 - Quarterfinalist
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    (Full screenplay is available upon request via contact form.)


    Arañas Zombie


    My love letter to Critters, Commando, and really wanting to write a movie for Danny Trejo. ARAÑAS ZOMBIE is a feature length horror-comedy. A teenage science prodigy fights off a horde of genetically engineered zombie spiders after stumbling upon her grandfather’s covert ops past.


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    (The script is currently optioned and fast tracked for production.)

    The Day Of Wrong

    Writer | Director

    Wrote and directed this script for the Dallas 24 Hour Video Race Contest

    Rules of the contest are as follows:

    • Exactly 24 hours to produce a short film from script to screen using the following items:
    • Flagpole
    • Dialogue “wrong turn”
    • Dialogue “You don’t owe me anything” (Which was printed with a typo on the contest instructions as “be” instead of “me”. I was the only one to pay any attention to the typo and use it as a gag in my script.)
    • Musical Instrument

    The results: The grand prize (1st place) in the category with the heaviest competition, the Hollywood division!


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    This story was written as an entry into Writer's Digest's monthly Photo Caption Contest. Writer's digest supplies a photo, you write a short story about it in under 700 words. My personal writing goal was to subvert the expectations set up by the photo.


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    God Smites Man At Local Bar


    A lifelong fan of the satire site The Onion, inspiration struck one day to write a news article in a similar style. The image of God and a random Chicago resident brawling drunkenly in a pre-Y2K era was highly entertaining to me.


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