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If there was ever a killer app for Augmented Reality, it would be a simulation to see if your humble abode could withstand an assault of homicidal maniacs on Purge Night, amirite???  However, you feel about it, it was fun making this experiential game as part of the marketing campaign for the new Purge TV show

We were tasked with development of the app, using the latest and greatest release of Apple's AR Kit 2.0 and Google's AR Core. This included developing and designing all the game systems using UI and 3D assets provided by the client and agency.  The player uses the phone/tablet camera to map their room in AR space, and then quickly works against the clock to purge-proof the room using steel doors, boarded up windows, bear traps, warning signs, and other deadly devices. 

Since no one wants to go through a Purge Night alone, we added a multi-player component to the AR experience, allowing you to fortify your home with a friend! 



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