National Geographic

Part of a detailed, ambitious campaign to launch Nat Geo's first foray into scripted TV, these games lived on the MARS show website, which served as a fictional recruiting center. The experiences acted as part of a test to see if a prospective colonist had what it takes to survive life on the Red Planet. Each game pushed the limits of what browser-based WebGL could achieve at the time, and worked across desktop and mobile, with cardboard VR gameplay available as well. In addition to the suite of VR games, I also supervised the VFX on the site launch trailer, showing the CG craft created for the show launching into orbit as part of a fake newscast.



  • Establishing new pipeline for asset creation/animation/lighting (Maya->Redshift->Unity3d->BabylonJS)
  • Directed look development of 3D assets and animation
  • Managed Unity and BabylonJS developers