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    Samples of my writing work. I find joy in a wide variety of genres and mediums. NOBODY puts baby in a corner!


    The Ballad of Gorky

    Playing the game Still There was such a moving experience I felt compelled to really break it down and talk about what made it so exceptional. The fine folks at gamesindustry.biz let me rant about my love for the game's narrative in an article published on their site. The article was edited down from a much longer, detailed analysis titled "I'm Not Okay".


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    I was also inspired to tell a story in the Still There universe set after the events of the original game. The twine game is still an early WIP of just the first two chapters.


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    Wreck On The Highway

    Wreck On The Highway is a twine game created during a game jam for Susan O'Connors Game Writing Masterclass. Each student was given three hours to write a twine game using the following story elements: Magnifying glass, fountain, clock, compass, and eye. Elements could be metaphorical or actual physical items. I got into a groove early in the jam with the idea of a game centered around the discovering a car wreck late at night on a deserted country road. The scene seemed ripe for all kinds of questions about one's mortality and the value of life.


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    Wizardly Washouts

    I created a board game limiting myself to the following rules:

    1. Two (or more) players.
    2. One six-sided die.
    3. Both players start on the same space. Taking turns, each player rolls the die and moves their token one to six spaces around the board.
    4. 32 board squares/tiles total.
    5. The first player to reach the end space wins!
    With those rules in mind, I conjured (see what I did there?) up the game Wizardly Washouts, A Game of Magical Ineptitude TM!
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    The Wailing Lady

    This mini-narrative was created for Inkle's Pendragon Contest, set in the fantasy world of King Arthur, where the requirement was to write a campfire story using their Ink Scripting language. You can see the completed mini-narrative below, along with details on the restrictions/requirements.


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    Game Bark Samples

    Below are samples of game barks I've written covering various NPC states and genres.


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    The Place Where Nobody Knows Your Name

    I wrote a short cinematic scene based off the Fable game universe. The constraints of the story were as follows:
    An adventurer, a bard, and a fairy-tale creature walk into a tavern. Write a short scene that demonstrates dramatic conflict, strong characterization, witty dialogue and a light-hearted tone. Resolve the scene with the adventurer embarking on a quest to solve a mystery. Five pages max.


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    Staying Alive

    I wrote a short story in screenplay format that leans heavily on dialogue, minimizing action, and revolves around the following: Three of your favorite video game characters get stuck in an elevator. How do they react? What do they do? How do they get out? Honestly, the hardest part of this exercise was narrowing the list down to three characters. So many games! So many good characters! I settled on the fun, dynamic trio of Iron Man (Avengers), Wheatley (Portal 2), and Parvati (The Outer Worlds).


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    FOUND is an award-winning feature length screenplay. A troubled American soldier searches for a missing bomber crew while navigating the hostile cultural tensions of post-World War Two Japan. Found has currently been awarded the following honors:

    • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences- Nicholl Fellowship Screenwriting Contest - Top 10% (Of 8000 entries)
    • Big Bear Film Summit 2020 - Winner Best Feature Screenplay (Drama)
    • Creative World Awards International Screenwriting Contest - Finalist
    • 2020 Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition - Quarterfinalist
    • Filmmatic Screenplay Awards - Drama (5th) Semifinalist
    • ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship (2020) Quarterfinalist
    • 2020 Page Awards international Screenwriting Contest - Quarterfinalist
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    (Full screenplay is available upon request via contact form.)

    Aranas Zombie

    My love letter to Critters, Commando, and really wanting to write a movie for Danny Trejo. ARAÑAS ZOMBIE is a feature length horror-comedy. A teenage science prodigy fights off a horde of genetically engineered zombie spiders after stumbling upon her grandfather’s covert ops past.


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    (Full screenplay is available upon request. The script is currently optioned and being fast tracked for production.)

    Stop. Watch. Love.

    Wrote and concepted the award-winning "Stop. Watch. Love." short film.


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    Day Of Wrong

    Wrote and directed this script for the Dallas 24 Hour Video Race Contest

    Rules of the contest are as follows:

    • Exactly 24 hours to produce a short film from script to screen using the following items:
    • Flagpole
    • Dialogue “wrong turn”
    • Dialogue “You don’t owe me anything” (Which was printed with a typo on the contest instructions as “be” instead of “me”. I was the only one to pay any attention to the typo and use it as a gag in my script.)
    • Musical Instrument

    The results: We took the grand prize (1st place) in the category with the heaviest competition, the Hollywood division!


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  • Short stories


    This story was written as an entry into Writer's Digest's monthly Photo Caption Contest. Writer's digest supplies a photo, you write a short story about it in under 700 words. I felt I had a fun twist to present on the photo at hand, which was a girl sitting by the window sill with her dog.


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    God Smites Man At Local Bar

    A lifelong fan of the satire site The Onion, inspiration struck one day to write a news article in a similar style. The image of God and a random Chicago resident brawling drunkenly was highly entertaining to me.


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