• Do your animations need breathtaking story beats?  Do your NPCs need depth and dimension?  Does your branching dialogue need impact and wit?


    I create memorable narratives for games, films, and episodic content.

  • Not only can I solve your story problems by banging out crackerjack writing and narrative design, but I am equally at home setting up large creative and technical teams for success.  I am intimately familiar with animation, gaming, and VFX pipelines having worked as an artist, writer, and director on hundreds of projects.  Those skills have been put to good use crafting projects of all shapes and sizes, cultivating over a decade of wisdom from the trenches.

    My work has been featured in major industry publications such as Post Magazine, Computer Graphics World, Motionographer, and Shoot Magazine. I have been trusted to tell the stories of some of the world's largest entertainment IPs and product brands, many of which are shown below.

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